About Me


I began taking photographs around age 8, when my mom gave me her old Kodak Instamatic camera. I’ve always been drawn to the magic of capturing memories through the lens. Throughout my schooling, careers where I transitioned from technical writer, to software developer, to computer teacher, I’ve always had a camera to record the world around me.


In 2010, I decided to get serious and take some classes to learn the technical aspects of photography, as well as learning how best to to refine my photographic compositions. I am by no means finished learning about photography. I learn every day, in part because I make sure to pick up a camera and take a photo each and every day. I also continue to take classes, read photography blogs, articles, and newsletters, and do all I can to expand my knowledge (especially with how fast technology moves to change everything, including photography). These resources regularly inspire me to try out new ideas and techniques.


I am proud to say that several of my photographs have been featured in Flickr’s Explore pages (the 500 most interesting photos posted on Flickr for a given day. I’ve also had photos appear in non-profit publications, such as OJC.


Now, it’s time to take my photography from hobby to profession, and begin a venture in portraiture. In my portfolio, you’ll see some of the portrait images I’ve taken, as well as photos of numerous other subjects. Please take a look around, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book a portrait session.