Scallop Dynamite Roll @ Ra Sushi

I went out to dinner with my cousin, to RA for sushi. We each ordered a couple of rolls. One of mine was going to take a little longer, because they bake it. No problem. We were enjoying ourselves. We’d nearly finished the rolls in front of us when our server came to tell us they’d messed up my roll, and had to start over. She apologized and said that he manager was going to come over to talk to us and take if off our bill. He did come over, and apologized some more. I didn’t even have an opportunity to get upset about having to wait because he and the server were so on top of making sure I was happy. THAT, my friends, is customer service! The manager even had the kitchen make up a special roll for my cousin, on him. Well, the long anticipated roll was well worth the wait. It was an incredible blend of flavors, and really could have been a meal in and of itself. When we got the bill, next to the credit for my roll, it said “comp” and next to hers, it said “making friends.” That they did. We are definitely looking forward to going back there.
Description of the roll from RA’s menu:
Kani kama crab (I ordered mine sans cream cheese) rolled in rice & seaweed, lightly tempura battered & topped with scallop dynamite; finished with a sweet eel sauce & red beet & spinach tempura bits