I was out and about, looking for some props today, when I spotted a woman who was holding a beautiful whitewashed, distressed wooden crate, looking at throws. I hesitated only a moment, then blurted out, “Are you a photographer?”  Indeed. She called herself an aspiring photographer (maybe not that exact word). I think she’s just a few months behind me in the whole building a business and clientele process. We chatted for a bit about cameras, classes, and clients, then wished each other luck before parting ways. I didn’t even get her name, but I did give her my URL (when will I learn to never be in public without my business cards?!). I’m hoping she’ll visit – maybe even see this post.

As I’ve begun building my business, I’ve received help and advice from so many other women photographers that I know.  I just love the sense of community! Rather than being cut throat about it, we help each other, share with each other. Goodness knows there are plenty of babies, families, and such to go around. Not to mention different photographer styles and personalities. I’m thankful that I know so many wonderful women who realize this.

Well, that’s just a bit of thought for the day. Keep following… new session pics will be up soon!